Therapeutic diets 
Diet №5
Diet number 5 is indicated for acute hepatitis and cholecystitis in the stage of recovery; chronic hepatitis is acute; cirrhosis of the liver without its failure; chronic cholecystitis and cholelithiasis without exacerbation (in all cases - without the expressed diseases of the stomach and intestines). 
The purpose of the appointment of diet - chemical liver sparing under nutrition that promotes the normalization of the liver and biliary tract, improve secretion. 
       General characteristics of the diet: 
Physiologically normal content of proteins and carbohydrates with little restriction of fat (mainly of animal fats). Recommended products with increased content of lipotropic agents, fibers, pectins liquid. Contraindicated foods are those that are rich in nitrogenous extractives, purines, cholesterol, oxalic acid and fat oxidation products.
Dishes are boiled, baked, occasionally - stewed. Rub only sinewy meat and fiber-rich vegetables.Very cold dishes are excluded.
  Dietary regime: 6 times in a day. 
Diet № 8 
    Indication for this diet is an increased body mass index (obesity) as the underlying disease or concomitant with other diseases that do not require special diets. 
     General characteristics of the diet: 
       For this diet was reduced caloric value diet from carbohydrates, digestible fats (mostly animal) with normal or slightly elevated levels of protein; restricted salt and appetizing foods and dishes. Warm dishes are boiled, steamed, baked. 
Dietary regime: 6 times in a day.
Diet № 9 
        Indications for use of diet: diabetes mild to moderate severity ; patients with normal or slightly overweight not receive insulin or receive it in small doses (20-30 units); for the establishment of tolerance to carbohydrates and selection of doses of insulin or other drugs. 
The purpose of the appointment of diet - the normalization of carbohydrate metabolism and prevention of disorders of lipid metabolism, the definition determining persistence to carbohydrates, ie the amount of carbohydrates absorbed by the food. 
General characteristics of the diet:
It is a diet with moderately reduced caloric value by carbohydrate and animal fats; the amount of protein corresponding physiologically normal or slightly above it; excluded sugar and sweets. 
Diet moderately restrict the content of salt, cholesterol, extractives; increased content of lipotropic substances, vitamins, dietary fiber (cottage cheese, low-fat fish, seafood, vegetables, fruits, whole grain cereals, bread from wheat flour). Preferred boiled and baked goods, at least - fried and stewed. For sweet dishes and drinks we use sugar substitutes - xylitol and sorbitol. 
Diet № 10 
        Indications for use of diet - diseases of the cardiovascular system in the compensation stage or mild severe circulatory failure (I-II A of degree). 
   The purpose of the appointment of diet - improve blood circulation, the functioning of the cardiovascular system, liver and kidneys, improves metabolism, sparing the cardiovascular system and digestive system. 
  General characteristics of the diet: 
       For a diet characterized by a slight decrease in caloric value from fat and carbohydrates in part; significant limitation of the amount of salt. Limited content of substances that excite the cardiovascular and nervous systems, irritating the liver and kidneys, unnecessarily burdening the gastrointestinal tract, contributing to flatulence. Increased levels of potassium, magnesium, lipotropic substances, products that have alkalizing effect (milk, vegetables, fruits) 
Dietary regime: 6 times in a day.
Diet № 15 
        Indications for diet are various diseases that do not require special medical diets and without disorders of the digestive system. This transition to a normal diet diet during the recovery period and after using therapeutic diets. 
  The purpose of the appointment of diet - provide physiologically normal diet in a spa treatment. 
        General characteristics of the diet: 
        Caloric value and caloric content of protein, fat and carbohydrate diet is almost entirely correspond to nutritional standards for human health that is not engaged in physical labor.  Vitamins are administered in large amounts. Open to all kinds of cooking food. Exclude from the diet most difficult-digestible and spicy foods. 
 Dietary regime: 3 times a day. 
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