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Rehabilitation of patients with cardiovascular disease

Rehabilitation of patients with cardiovascular disease
Period of treatment - 7 days

Check in: Monday - 9:00
Check out: Sunday - 20:00

Rehabilitation program is used for patients with the following diseases:

• rheumatic mitral valve diseases;
• rheumatic aortic valve diseases;
• mitral and aortic valves affect;
• violation of the circulatory system;
• mitral valve prolapse; 
• congenital anomalies of the circulatory system;
• ischemic heart disease;
• angina of effort;
• miocardial Infarction;
• coronary heart disease;
• violation of the circulatory system after medical procedures; 
• essential hypertension;
• somatoform disfunction of the involuntary nervous system;
• cardiomyopathy;
• atherosclerotic vascular disease;
• condition after angioplasty of the circumferential vessels;
• varicose veins;
• pedal phlebitis;
• hypotension.

Price includes:
• physical examination and consultation, development of an individual rehabilitation plan, depending on the indications and contraindications, observation during the course of rehabilitation;
• cardiologist consultation;
• physiotherapy (individually or in groups), including the SPRINT method - 5 treatments;
• physical therapy (electrophototherapy) - 6 treatments;
• mineral baths - 7 procedures;
• diagnostic tests: ECG, spirometry, 6-minute test on the rehabilitation simulator;
• swimming pool - every day;
• Nordic Walking;
• dietary meal.

If necessary, some procedures and professional consultations can be assigned for an additional charge.
Upon arrival it is necessary to have an extract from ambulatory or inpatient medical records with a diagnosis and results of tests (complete blood count, urinalysis), ECGs. Women need to have a conclusion from gynecologist.

In their absence, additional methods of inspection can be appointed for a fee.


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