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Correction of body figures

Rehabilitation program "Body Correction"

Period of treatment - 6 days

Check in: Monday - 9:00
Check out: Sunday - 20:00

The " Correction of body figures " program is based on a healthy balanced diet. If you understand the importance of proper balanced healthy diet to maintain your health, if you set yourself a specific goals of weight correction. If you need advice of professionals to navigate the sea of conflicting information on nutrition, we are always ready to help you!
If for you it is important to preserve your health, but it is difficult to independently analyze and assess your diet, we invite you to the program. Our specialists are always ready to help you. Special techniques will make your diet program more healthier and natural.

Program includes:
• physical examination and consultation, development of an individual rehabilitation plan, depending on the indications and contraindications, observation during the course of rehabilitation;
• consultation of the expert on nutrition (dietitian) with individual correction of a diet;
• hypocaloric diet food;
• oxygen cocktails - 6 procedures;
• selection of individual physical activity (occupation therapy, physical therapy and sports in the gym, swimming pool, walking, Nordic Walking), depending on the health status;
• hydrogen sulfide or pearl baths - 6 procedures;
• massage (every other day for one part of the body);
• lymph drainage treatments - 3 procedures;
• underwater massage - 5 treatments.

If necessary, some procedures and professional consultations can be assigned for an additional charge.
Upon arrival it is necessary to have an extract from ambulatory or inpatient medical records with a diagnosis and results of tests (complete blood count, urinalysis), ECGs. Women need to have a conclusion from gynecologist.

In their absence, additional methods of inspection can be appointed for a fee.

Despite the large number of proposed different ways of weight loss, the only thing that really leads to a decrease fat mass - is the energy deficit, the predominance of energy consumption over its receipt. In this case, the fat, as a form of deferred energy begins to be spent to cover the created deficit. The most simple, intuitive and most importantly reproducible way to generate energy deficit is a hypocaloric diet.
Rational hypocaloric nutrition is based on a 4 - 5 onetime regime meals, 50% of daily calories belong to carbohydrates, 30% - on fats, 20% - on the proteins.

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