Sapropelic mud has extraordinary effects on degenerative rheumatic diseases (cervical, lumbar and dorsal spondylosis, cox arthritis, gonarthrosis, arthritis of the hands and feet, chronic lumbago), inflammatory rheumatic diseases (pain in the joints after acute articular rheumatism or infections in foci, rheumatoid spondylitis, rheumatoid polly arthritis) and ab articular rheumatic diseases (tendinitis, tendomyositis, scapula humeral peri arthritis, panniculosis, fibrillosis), as well as post- traumatic conditions (after operations on muscles, tendons, joints and bones, healed, after twists, luxations and fractures, after recent, operated, lumbar disk hernia), peripheral and central neurological disorders (post-traumatic paralysis and paresis of the limbs, polyneuropathies after the acute stage, sequelae after poliomyelitis, late sequelae after paraparesis and hemiparesis), gynecological disorders (ovarian insufficiency, chronic cervicitis, chronic metrosalpingitis secondary sterility, sequelae after genital tuberculosis, 2-3 years after stabilization), skin diseases (scaly dermatoses, incipient ichthyosis keratodermatitis, chronic eczema, urticaria), respiratory diseases (trachea bronchitis, chronic bronchitis), cardiovascular (Raynauds disease, acrocyanosis, erythromelalgia, incipient varices, phlebitis sequelae, varicose ulcer) endocrine (benign hypothyroidism and mixedema, per pubertal Hypo arianism) and other disorders. 

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