About resort Jurmala
Jurmala- is a unique resort city, combining all three major resorts factors such as: healthful climate (sea, pinewood, fresh, conducting air), mineral waters (sulfurated, bromic and chloride-natrium waters) and therapeutic muds (peaty and sapropelic). The treatment center in Jurmala has always been Kemeri, which is famous for its special therapeutic muds and mineral waters. 
Kemeri – is a part of the city of Jurmala, 44 km from Riga. Historical territory of Kemeri for a long time was connecting with Kurzeme (was part of the Duchy of Kurzeme) while other part of Jurmala belonged to the province of Vidzeme and its development was strongly influenced by Riga ( the capital city of Latvia). In 1561, for the first time in the historical documents was mentioned word Kemeri because of the connection with land allotment, that was given to the peasant Kaspar Kemers.    
In the late of 18th century (1796), local foresters by using experience of traditional medicine, were treating their first patients. In 1801 Petersburg academician T.Lovits made ​​chemical analysis of Kemeri mineral waters. Officially, resort of Kemeri was founded in 1838, when Nikolai The First had given this area to build a hospital. 
In the second half of the 19th century,  in Kemeri was built hydropathical baths, pensions, post office and pharmacy. In 1878, G.Tomass made first biochemical analysis of therapeutic muds. Lozinski Alexander, the director of Kemeri resort, held a number of important therapeutic factor studies of mineral waters and Kemeri therapeutic muds. In the early of 20th century Kemeri was one of the largest resorts, direct railway transportation service was connecting it to St.Petersberg and Moscow. In 1912, started to run tram ( was available only in Jurmala) which took guests on the beach in the resort Jaunkemeri. Tram line existed until 1933. 
Long walks on the beach, swimming in the heated sea water, soon gained wide popularity among the aristocracy. In Jurmala gathered generals, politicians and writers. Until now, the coast preserved some historical buildings of resort institutions that creates the unique atmosphere of the old resort traditions.   
Medical SPA “Amber Coast” is the successor and continuator of this tradtions. The seaside resort is rich with sources of different mineralizarion, which is used for drinking in the pools and baths. Also it is famous for peat mud applications. Widely used physiotherapy, medical gymnastics, water aerobics, massages and aeroclimatotherapy. 
Jurmala – is the city on the wave, the wave of changes and luck, love and hope.

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