The history of the medical SPA
 History of the medical SPA “Amber Coast” 
In 1966 of August 29th the meeting of the “Presidium of the Council of Ministers” was held. In this meeting was decided to build a medical-resort sanatorium for 223 rooms “Jantarnij bereg” in Jaunkemeri area.
In 1966 of November 9th the construction project was confirmed by the Department of Administrative Affairs at the USSR Council of Ministers
Medical SPA “Jantarnij Bereg” was built in 1972 by head architect S.Kleymenov. He also had built National theater of opera and ballet in the Udmurtian Republic in the city of Izhevsk.
First guests, medical SPA “Amber Coast” took in May 3th of 1973. At that time, visit here was considered as top class holiday in the Baltics. Besides main bulk, it was also built a cottage “Baltic breeze” where Senior Leaders of USSR took their rest.
Medical SPA Headed Directors:
1973 – 1975 - Пуненов Артур Мартынович 
1975 – 1985 - Чуркин Владимир Александрович 
1985 – 2003 - Гущин Петр Павлович 
from 2003  – till nowdays - Данилох Виктор Всеволодович
Chief Physicians of sanatorium:
1973 — 1975  - Тельнов Bладислав Генадиевич 
1975 — 2002  - Озолиня Екатерина Алесеевна 
2002 — 2008  - Божко Валентина Аркадиевна 
2008 г.  — till nowdays - Гейко Ирина Александровна
Today, medical SPA “Amber Coast” belongs to the Department of Presidential Affairs and relates to the structure of health complex BOR.
Medical SPA “Amber Coast” is taking a new rebirth: only for the last year our health resort treatment have passed more than five thousand tourists and guests from 15 countries ( Latvia, Russia, Germany, Israel, Austria, Poland, etc.)
Nowdays, in medical SPA new workplaces are created. We are developing new methods of cooperation with clients and business companies. Moreover, medical SPA participates in international exhibitions and tourism meetings.  There is always constant growth in our medical service and treatment, new facilities are opened such as: massage, physiotherapy, etc. Currently there is a reconstruction of balneary facility, changes in treatments are in progress.  
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