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Briefly about the sanatorium

The Jantarnij Bereg sanatorium is located on the picturesque shore of the Gulf of Riga, in the pine forest of Kemeri National Park, in the western part of the famous resort of Jurmala.  Less than a hundred meters from the resort you go to the cleanest beach, which stretches for many kilometers. On the territory of the sanatorium with an area of 19 hectares, vacationers can enjoy hiking along the forest paths of the National Park. The sanatorium has a well-established communication with the resort center of Jurmala and the capital of Latvia – Riga. The resort has an active cultural life, tours are organized in Latvia. This is a place for treatment and relaxation for both children and adults.


The medical profile of the sanatorium is the treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system, diseases of the peripheral nervous system, gynecological, as well as skin and gastroenterological diseases.


Our resort specializes in the use of natural factors – such as mineral waters, including hydrogen sulfide, as well as peat and sapropelic mud. In a comprehensive spa treatment, therapeutic diet food is used.

Ours history

The history of the sanatorium “Jantarnij bereg” (Amber Coast) began on August 29, 1966. On that day, a meeting was held at which a decision was made on ..

About resort Jurmala

Jurmala-(lat. Jūrmala – sea cost) –  is a unique resort city, combining all three major resorts factors such as…

Resort`s complex

On 19 hectares are the main building of the sanatorium, the exclusive cottage “Baltic Breeze” and a sports complex – on the beach …

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